About us

 Lumekra B.V. is an international company specialised in professional LED lighting and equipment. We are dedicated to help
professionals improve their lighting and save money on electricity bills while making an investment in the future.

… Produce High Quality affordable LED products suitable for all types of businesses
… Have dedicated assortments for the Commercial and Industrial industry
… Extensively test all our products on quality, usability, lifespan, energy efficiency, ease of installation, certification, price and safety
… Have our own in-house electrical experts
… Never compromise on quality
… Always stay on top of the latest technology
… Are able to cut down on costs by eliminating unnecessary processes and intermediaries in the supply chain
… Closely collaborate with electrical contractors, architects, wholesalers and governments
… Are based in The Netherlands and have offices in Germany and Italy
… Deliver throughout Europe and export to our partners in Africa
… Offer our clients a comprehensive service: We have the possibility to produce orders with special requests, we give personalised
advise about how to improve the lighting, we give a clear insight into the expenses and possible savings, we advise about subsidies,
and we can conduct Dia-/Re-/CalcuLux lighting calculations

Our story

Our roots date back to 2002 where in a village in the south of Holland, Eduard Krakowczyk, an ambitious electrician with a passion for the latest technology, decided to turn his passion into his job. He opened a small family business and by carefully maintaining the family values of integrity, trust and collaboration, while never compromising on quality, he managed to turn it into the international and reliable corporation Lumekra is known to be today.
With offices in The Netherlands, Germany and Italy and business partners in West-Africa, we are proud to differentiate ourselves by our high quality affordable assortment, technical know-how, cost-efficient company structure, down-to-earth character and service-oriented mindset.


“High Quality does not necessarily mean expensive”

– Our specialised own brand assortment consists solely of professional LED lights
– Each model is carefully selected by our electrical experts
– We continuously update our assortment with the newest LED models
– We only collaborate directly with certified OEM manufacturers
– An extensive quality control has been performed on all our products, assuring a 2-5 year warranty
– Our innovative products are energy efficient, have a long lifespan and are of the highest quality
– The Lumekra lights are used in a wide range of businesses; from offices and boutiques to gym halls,
factories and warehouses


“From beginning to end, we aim to provide the highest quality and best service”

– Our company policy is based on a positive customer experience and a transparent company culture
– We assist each client with expertise and personal responsibility
– We work in small teams where the client is in direct contact with their account manager, so that each
request is managed in the fastest way possible and every project is taken care of with personalised attention
– We connect with our clients in a way they prefer; via e-mail, telephone, text messages/WhatsApp, or
personal meetings at location
– All new employees receive a customer service, product and electrical know-how training


“Our way of working is as innovative as the latest LED lights”

– Within the company there is no strict hierarchy or traditional office culture. Our teams are free to work in a flexible manner in order to efficiently complete projects
– Electrical contractors, architects and wholesalers aren’t our ‘clients’ but they are our business partners, so that we are all able to do business in line with the current market needs
– There is a close collaboration between all our offices and each department has a direct link to the final
client in order to advance the communication process
– We focus only on the most essential parts of a business. Unnecessary expenses, supply chain
intermediaries and processes such as licensing are not part of Lumekra

Our values

At Lumekra we are driven by a strong set of shared values that continuously inspire us and
serve as a guidance for our long-term strategies and day-to-day actions

We act in a respectful way according to high ethical and moral standards. We inspire trust by not pretending to be something or someone we are not. We will serve you with our honest advice, we translate our words into deeds and we feel accountable for our actions.

We believe that our products and services in the first place need to be qualitative and functional. We live by an ‘easy-to-use’ concept. When something is qualitatively good at the core there is no need to add complex or impressive features that may stand in the way of its functionality.

Our Dutch heritage shines through in our down-to-earth mentality. We are straightforward, we communicate clearly and we believe that it is best to ‘be you’. We treat everyone with an equal sense of respect and we honestly advice you in order to get the best results possible.

We care about the environment and are genuinely interested in cultural diversity. We strive to build a
durable company for future generations. We invest in charity projects and we try to minimalize the world’s depletion of energy resources. We believe that together, through collaboration and mutual learning, we can create exceptional outcomes.