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Privacy Statement


This privacy notice applies to the personal data of consumers that is collected or used by Lumekra B.V. or its affiliates or subsidiaries (Lumekra). Lumekra appreciates the interest you have shown in our company, products and services by visiting our website or related communication channels, including, but not limited to, our social media pages and/or channels and blogs (together “Lumekra pages”). This privacy notice applies to all the personal data that Lumekra collects when you interact with Lumekra, such as when you visit our website, when you use the products or services offered by Lumekra, when you purchase Lumekra products or services, when you subscribe to newsletters, when you contact customer support, and when you interact with Lumekra as a business customer, supplier or business partner, etc.

This includes, without limitation, all online and offline collections of all types of personal data.

Why we ask you to share your Personal Data

We ask you to share your personal data with us for purposes that include, but are not limited to:

• Buying Lumekra products and services online;
• Activating or registering certain products and services or enhancing functionality;
• Receiving information about Lumekra products and services;
• Participating in Lumekra online communities, including our social media channels/pages and blogs;
• Storing your preferences for future interactions and communications from Lumekra;
• Helping us to develop products and services and create campaigns that are designed
around you, optimise customer services and continuously improve our websites;
• Helping us to improve products and services, and allowing Lumekra to keep you
informed of, or involve you in the testing of, new products and services;
• Resolving consumer and/or product and services issues;
• Receiving personalised messages, special offers and advertisements that are relevant to your personal interests, based on the information you have shared with us and on the information we have collected through cookies or similar techniques regarding your use of the Lumekra websites/social media/blogs.

When you deal with Lumekra on behalf of a business customer, supplier, or business partner, we ask you to provide us with personal data for purposes that include, but are not limited to:

• Managing customer relationships
• Facilitating information access
• Enhancing communications
• Analysing and understanding customer interactions
• Implementing security programs
• Helping Lumekra participate in certification programs

We generally process your personal data only for those purposes that we have communicated with you. If we use it for other (closely related) purposes, additional data protection measures will be implemented if required by law.

Type of Personal Data we may collect

When you interact with Lumekra purchasing a product or interacting with Lumekra via our Lumekra pages, e.g. “like us on Facebook”, we may ask for or receive certain data, such as:

• Your name;
• Your email address;
• Your telephone number;
• Your social media profile;
• Your gender;
• Your age;
• Information about the products and services you have purchased;
• Your usage of and activities on our Lumekra pages;
• Your interests; and
• Other information related to your online behaviour.

Also, depending on the choices you have made regarding your settings on various social media sites, and your settings on our Lumekra pages, certain personal data may be shared with Lumekra about your online activities and social media profiles, e.g. interests, marital status, gender, user name, photo, comments you have posted, etc.

In addition, we may collect personal data via cookies or similar techniques, including, but not limited to:

• Your IP address;
• Your cookie ID;
• Your web browser;
• Your location;
• The web pages you visit on our websites;
• The advertisements you’ve viewed or clicked through;
• etc.

When you interact with Lumekra on behalf of a business customer, supplier or business partner of Lumekra, we may collect:

• Your name
• Your email address
• Your telephone number
• Your picture
• Your IP address
• personal details that may come up in the scope of the business relationship, e.g. your hobbies, age)

Different ways we collect your Personal Data

You can share your personal data with Lumekra in several ways, including, but not limited to:

• Registering as a member of My Lumekra;
• Registering a purchase or service;
• Your communications with Lumekra. These can be product- or service-related, and may include the contents of your questions to us, or requests that you addressed to us;
• Communicating with one of our Lumekra Customer Service representatives by email, phone or in writing;
• Ordering a product or service;
• Participating in a promotion, game or competition;
• Participating in a social media activity related to a Lumekra promotion, e.g. clicking
“like” or “share”;
• Asking to receive messages on your mobile phone/device;
• Subscribing to a Lumekra newsletter;
• Sending us a completed reply card, included with your Lumekra product;
• Voluntarily participating in product testing or surveys;
• Social sign-on, e.g. using your Facebook or LinkedIn credentials to create an account or log on;
• When using Lumekra connected products/services and/or apps, you may be asked
whether you wish to share data with Lumekra, e.g. sharing your usage data or your
location data;
• Cookies placed on your computer or mobile device when you visit our websites;
• Social Listening: Lumekra may search the Internet for relevant and publicly available
content and use it to improve its products or services, resolve consumer issues and
provide targeted marketing.

When you interact with Lumekra as a business customer, supplier or business partner:

• Registering purchases
• Provisions of services with Lumekra
• Communications with Lumekra
• Developing partnerships
• When accessing Lumekra facilities or systems
• Participating in fairs, events or promotions
• Voluntarily participating in testing or surveys

Personal data may also reach us when we purchase another company of which you are a customer. If you do not want Lumekra to use your personal data that has not been provided by you, you may let us know at any time by contacting us via [email protected]

Sharing your Personal Data with others

We may share your personal data with service providers, business partners and other third parties, in accordance with applicable law.

For example, Lumekra may sell you a product or offer you a service in a joint marketing effort with another company (business partner). The agreements with these business partners will limit the purposes for which your personal data can be used and disclosed, and will require your personal data to be adequately safeguarded. We will let you know that such a relationship exists and who these companies are prior to processing your data for such joint marketing efforts.

Lumekra may also disclose your data to other companies such as IT and communications service providers, testing companies, data management support partners and other parties bearing a necessary relationship for Lumekra to provide its services.

When you interact with Lumekra as a business customer, supplier or business partner, Lumekra may disclose personal data available in reports and other materials provided by you and/or your company pursuant to an engagement with another business partner and/or a supplier.

If we are required by law to obtain your consent, or otherwise believe that your consent is appropriate in the circumstances, we will obtain your consent before we share your personal data.

Lumekra will disclose personal data only in conformance with this privacy notice and/or when required by law.

On the Lumekra pages, Flash cookies may also used. Flash cookies may be removed by managing your Flash Player settings. Depending on the version of Internet Explorer (or other browser) and media player you use, you may be able to manage Flash cookies with your browser. You may manage Flash Cookies by visiting the Adobe website. Please be aware that restricting the use of Flash Cookies may affect the features available to you.

Lumekra may store your personal data in a cloud. This means that your personal data may be processed on behalf of Lumekra by a cloud service provider and could be stored in different locations around the world. Lumekra makes use of organisational and contractual measures to protect your personal data and to impose similar but in no way less restrictive requirements on our cloud services providers, including requirements that your personal data be processed exclusively for the purposes mentioned above

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